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vision, courage and the change process


Our development through life is not linear. It is cyclical, or perhaps more like a spiral. We have all been called to life’s various adventures many times and experienced the hero’s journey within us in many forms. What these particular events have in common is that they have made us a little more than what we were before.

Program description


In the complex times we live in, we need to continuously become something more than we were before. People, organisations and societies do not only need gradual change and adaptation, but real transformation. In this program we focus on thinking big, preparing for effective implementation, and mastering the change process.


Here you reflect on what impact you want to make in the contexts where you operate, you proactively plan the future and activate the magnetism of a personal vision. You also get the opportunity to concretise the journey ahead and explore the dynamics of courage and fear that often arise when we go beyond the known of our comfort zone.

Carl Lindeborg Realisation group

The program gives you insights into change dynamics, change psychology and systems thinking. It helps you avoid the pitfalls of change and lead successfully from the old to the new. You get a well-equipped toolbox that you can apply to your reality and a broad range of inspiring examples.

About the program

  • Creating a magnetic vision

  • Switching tracks from the "probable" to the "possible"

  • Mobilising courage and other inner resources for realisation

  • Facing fear and resistance to change in the best way

  • Understanding change and the dynamics of emotions

  • Developing your awareness and adaptability

  • Avoiding the biggest pitfalls in a change process

  • Leading yourself and others through change and complexity

  • Setting yourself up for fulfillment in the long run

The program contributes to

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Upcoming programs

The program starts at 10.00 on day 1 and ends at 15.30 on day 3.

The location is Lindeborgs Eco Retreat outside Nyköping, 1 hour 20 minutes from Stockholm by car or train and taxi, and 30 minutes from Katrineholm where trains connect to e.g. Gothenburg.

Lindeborgs Eco Retreat is beautifully situated at the end of the road in direct connection to forest, meadow and water, and is a perfect environment for learning and reflection. Here you will meet a rich ecosystem, climate-positive solutions and vegetarian gourmet food that is grown outside the door.

Time and place

29-31/5 2024 or 5-7/3 2025


Investment and registration

SEK 25 900 excluding VAT

Additional cost of accommodation and full board at Lindeborgs Eco Retreat - SEK 5 900 in a single room and SEK 3 900 in shared accommodation excluding VAT.

Accommodation and food

  • 3-day development program

  • Course material and reflection book

What's included

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