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purpose and value-driven leadership


It has become increasingly clear to me that there is a wider space within each of us that exists beyond roles and patterns, beyond thoughts and feelings, beyond memories, social conditioning and cultural adaptation, beyond the categorisation and judgement of the inner critic.

Program description


As the world changes and becomes increasingly uncertain, complex and potentially distracting, it becomes increasingly important to connect with a core of stability, power and clarity within. Contact with your core helps you stand more firmly, make wiser decisions and become a role model that people want to follow.

Carl Lindeborg deepening notes

In the program "Deepening", you explore and clarify your authentic core and your inner compass. What are your most important values? How do you understand your driving forces and your inner motivation?

What are your unique gifts and how do you see your purpose in life? How can you also work with your self-image to unlimit yourself mentally and thus take steps towards your full potential more quickly? These are some of the questions that you will delve into.

About the program

  • Increased self-awareness and greater security in yourself

  • Helpful toolbox to lift your energy and motivation from within

  • Greater awareness and clarity when making decisions

  • Easier to prioritise the most important and less risk of unwanted distraction

  • Inner stability in situations of uncertainty or adversity

  • Access to strength and courage that trumps worry and fear

  • Higher energy and resilience

  • Greater clarity about what you want to contribute beyond yourself

  • You are seen as an inspiring role model, a person of integrity

The program contributes to

Carl Lindeborg deepening program contributes to

Upcoming programs

The program starts at 10.00 on day 1 and ends at 15.30 on day 3.

The location is Lindeborgs Eco Retreat outside Nyköping, 1 hour 20 minutes from Stockholm by car or train and taxi, and 30 minutes from Katrineholm where trains connect to e.g. Gothenburg.

Lindeborgs Eco Retreat is beautifully situated at the end of the road in direct connection to forest, meadow and water, and is a perfect environment for learning and reflection. Here you will meet a rich ecosystem, climate-positive solutions and vegetarian gourmet food that is grown outside the door.

Time and place

24-26/4 2024 or 15-17/1 2025


Investment and registration

SEK 25 900 excluding VAT

Additional cost of accommodation and full board at Lindeborgs Eco Retreat - SEK 5 900 in a single room and SEK 3 900 in shared accommodation excluding VAT.

Accommodation and food

  • 3-day development program

  • Course material and reflection book

What's included

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