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Carl Lindebrg utvckingsprogram

Inspiration and growing for a complex and turbulent world

"Participating in Carl's program has been a challenging and transformative journey, one of the most important things I've done. An odyssey that offered both in-depth and challenging insight, and at the same time created a group dynamic and a trust that was unique and lasting." 

Sara Bergström

advisor, investor and board member

Development programs

Development starts with you

Carl Lindeborg development program group

We believe that leadership starts with you, and we believe that the world needs leadership more than ever before. When you invest in yourself and take steps in your own development, you create new ripple effects around you.

The world is changing rapidly and the challenges we face are increasingly complex. This external acceleration needs to be met with internal acceleration, in the sense of personal growth and development, for us to be sustainable and successful in what we do.

Our development programs are designed to meet this need. They are based on the book The Authentic Shift - Inner Development for a Changing World. The programs go deeper and help the participants to anchor insights on the inside and practically prepare for implementation on the outside.

The location of the program is Lindeborgs Eco Retreat outside Nyköping. Here we meet in a beautiful and calm environment where we can also take help from nature for learning and inspiration. All programs are led by Carl Lindeborg.

Our programs

1. Foundation

Strengthen your capacity for awareness, focus and resilience in an increasingly fast-moving world. Learn how to train your brain to the next level.

Carl Lindeborg development program foundation

2. Deepening

Empower yourself as a leader by anchoring yourself in your core values and deeper purpose. Upgrade your self-image and unlimit yourself mentally.

Carl Lindeberg development program deepening

3. Realisation

Prepare yourself to accomplish what matters most. Learn to expand your vision, activate courage and become a master of change leadership.

Carl Lindeberg development program realisation
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