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Guided exercises

Pure awareness has no agenda in itself. It is an inner field that can neutrally witness the content that fills our attention.

Here you will find a number of exercises for "mental strength training" in guided form. The exercises are some of those found in the book The Authentic Shift.

They are 5-10 minutes long and can help you both upgrade your brain and replenish focus and energy during your day.

Objective: Train the brain’s capacity for meta-awareness by systematically paying attention to all the different categories of mental content that you can be aware of.

Preparation: Nothing special. You can do this mental workout in a busy setting as well as in a quiet place. Try expanding your meta-awareness in different environments.

The different categories of meta-awareness, p. 90

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Objective: Increase your presence in the body and thus also your emotional awareness, as emotions always have a physical expression. Contribute to relaxation and stress reduction.

Preparation: The exercise is best done sitting or lying down, preferably in a quiet place.

Body scanning, p. 98

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Stigfinnare (Pathfinder) - Carl's podcast

Stigfinnare is a podcast for those who are interested in personal development, leadership and future issues. In open and in-depth conversations, Carl meets leaders from many different fields, people who have in common that they explored new paths and dared to follow their own compass.

Purpose: You can use this exercise when you feel out of balance, fragmented, tired, stressed or just want to prepare yourself for something important. It helps you regain balance and brings you closer to a state of centredness.

Preparation: This exercise is best done standing, ideally in a quiet place.

Centring exercise, p. 147

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Purpose: To optimise yourself from within by creating better communication flow between heart and brain. To cultivate calm centring, resilience and mental clarity.

Preparation: Sit comfortably with your back straight. You can also try standing or lying down, but for many people sitting seems to provide the best conditions. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax your body as best you can.

Heart synchronisation, p. 200

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Purpose: To help the system move towards a calmer state where the balance between the hemispheres and the synchronisation between heart and brain works better.

Preparation: Start with a quick mindful check-in. This will help you switch on your inner system awareness and be more than your stress response. How are you breathing? What are you thinking? What emotions are you experiencing in your body?

State optimising, p. 205

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Objective: Create your personal vision of the future.

Preparation: Find a quiet place where you can work undisturbed. If you enjoy nature, go to your favourite spot. If you prefer to sit at home, optimise your environment to stimulate insight and creativity. Maybe light a candle or settle into your favourite armchair.

Vision for your emerging self, p. 351

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