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Carl Lindeborg-Böcker


Carl writes both philosophically and practically about personal development, leadership and how we can relate to an increasingly complex and changing world. He has previously published Ditt briljanta jag (Your brilliant self) and Modig (Brave), and has recently published The Authentic Shift - Inner Development for a Changing World.

The most honest and best guide to authentic leadership I believe can be written.

Anna Serner  

Board Executive and Former CEO of the Swedish Film Institute

About the book

The Authentic Shift - Inner Development for a Changing World

The Authentic Shift - Inner Development for a Changing World

As the world becomes increasingly complex and turbulent, it is clear we are facing a paradigm shift. Not only a technological shift, but also a shift in consciousness and leadership. To match the external acceleration, we need to grow faster than ever within ourselves.


In The Authentic Shift, Carl Lindeborg condenses twenty years of experience in developing leaders and supporting organisations to manage change. In this practical guidebook, he outlines the ‘keys’ that lead to the next paradigm and the inner resources that will help you navigate powerfully and successfully into the future.

The Authentic Shift is also available in Swedish.

A sustainable transformation of the world will be much more difficult unless people can find themselves and be guided by good values. In his book The Authentic Shift, Carl Lindeborg provides concrete tools for this journey. Examples from science, philosophy and his own long career are combined with concrete exercises in a book that never gets boring.

CEO, WWF Sweden

Gustaf Lind

An exciting journey of discovery with rich language and practical exercises that have helped me further in my work as a leader. If you are interested in leadership and curious to blaze new trails, I recommend you read this!

Executive Vice President Storebrand Group ASA

Jenny Rundbladh

I could easily relate to the author's life reflections, get deep insights into the neural mechanisms driving our behaviours and reactions and most importantly start using the excellent practical tools immediately.

Board Executive and Former President and CEO of Stora Enso

Annica Bresky

If you want to invite your soul into a conversation and travel deep into the labyrinths of personal development, this book is a great tour guide.

Author of The Manager and The Employee

Christer Ackerman

A unique depiction of rational thoughts, emotional insights and reality. Let go, dare to be guided and find a new perspective.

Founder of the sport Swimrun

Michael Lemmel

I have long been interested in adult development, and combining theory with method in this way makes Carl’s book one of the most important I have read.

Culture and Sustainability Manager, Granitor

Liselotte J Bate

Another must-have book from Carl Lindeborg. Carl has an enormous ability to connect different worldviews, personal experiences and theories into a journey that inspires and helps the reader to find their own core.

CEO Pulsen Group

Jonus Bartholdson

The most honest and best guide to authentic leadership I believe can be written.

Board Executive and Former CEO of the Swedish Film Institute

Anna Serner

Praise for the book

Order the book

You can easily order Carl's books from online bookstores such as Amazon. If the books are not available in your region, please contact us and we will arrange a direct delivery.


If you want to order 15 copies or more for your organisation, contact us and we will be happy to arrange a discounted quote and a direct delivery.

Reflection Workbook

The Authentic Shift is a practical guidebook that contains many reflection questions that help you clarify and deepen your thoughts. To make it easier for you as a reader, we have created the Reflection Workbook as a complement. Here you will find all reflection questions, chapter by chapter. 

For each question there is space to write down your reflections. It can be about thoughts, feelings, sensations, insights or intentions. This provides a structure for your inner work and it becomes easier to find and return to previous reflections as you move further forward through the book.

If you turn over the reflection book, you will find room for "free flow". Here you can express anything to yourself, just like in a journal – for example, how you feel on a certain day, what you have learned, what you wish for or what step you will take next.

Reflection Workbook is also available in Swedish.

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